An uplifting story of the Liverpool Pals in the Great War

August 8, 2014

You couldn’t help but be moved by the Giants bringing the story of the Liverpool Pals to the streets of Liverpool in the Memories of August 1914 spectacle, held on the 25-27 July 2014.

In one of the most highly attended events ever held in Liverpool City Centre, John Sutch Cranes relished the reprisal of their role as the lifting contractors for the Royal Deluxe Giants.

As the story of separation, loss and rediscovery unfurled, John Sutch Cranes helped the Grandma and Little Girl dance together and hitch rides on an Arriva bus and a car. At the start and end of each day, cranes lifted the Giants in and out of bed, even helping the Lilliputians (as the street theatre performers are called) to shower the Little Girl. As the finale came to a close, the cranes lifted the Grandma and Little Girl, in their beds, onto the barges which carried them away up the River Mersey, waved off by Xolo the dog and the thousands of visitors on the Canning Dock.

With the temperatures over the weekend hitting summer highs and the crowds exceeding all expectations, the operatives working on the project had to contend with unforeseen changes to the program and additional lifts included by the City Council organisers to ensure the crowds got to see the Giants as much as possible.

“Our company has a proven track record in film and event work and we were able to draw on this experience when planning and executing this project. Working as a team, we accomplished the aims of this live event, in which our participation was time specific and exacting; getting it right, at the right moment” explained Paul Conneely, Project Manager.

“I would like to thank Liverpool City Council for choosing John Sutch Cranes as their partner in the event, Royal Deluxe for putting their faith in our operatives again this year and to all the members of the public who were so friendly and helpful to our team” commented John Sutch, Managing Director.


The team for the event:

Paul Conneely (Project Manager),

Crane Drivers for the Giants:  Dave Marrs, Paul Bowles, Ian Gardiner, Michael Sutch.

Lift Supervisors:  Frank Miller, Wally Gardiner

Crane Drivers (Audio support Newsham Park):  Sam Millington, Dave Coulthurst, Ian Greer, Adam Spottiswood

JS Team

 image (5) GRgrandma and liver building JPgirl on bus with Paul Con JP