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Major music festival given lift from John Sutch Cranes

When planning for the largest music festival in the north west, came underway, the specialist services of John Sutch Cranes Ltd were required to install the large scale temporary infrastructure.

Welcoming some 80,000 music lovers across a three day period, multiple stages formed part of the design alongside a temporary arena and bridge. Set in historic Heaton Park, one of the largest municipal parks in Europe, the area spans an epic 600 acres.

Working closely alongside the customer across a four week period, John Sutch was able to utilise a number of its cranes to meet the diverse needs of the client in terms of lifting and handling.

Key to Success

Anthony Shufflebotham of John Sutch explained: “The nature of a music festival such as this is that the whole infrastructure is very much temporary and once the event has taken place, the park will return to its former state with no visible signs that the event has taken place. As such, there is a huge amount of kit, foundations and set up to be installed to make the event happen.

“A significant amount of planning took place prior to the event and each area needed its own individual approach and strategy. We were able to meet the varied needs of the client through our comprehensive fleet. A total of 14 of our cranes were employed at the site with a team of 10 including a foreman/project manager.”

Mike Fitton, Sales Director at John Sutch  added: “We have a strong background and good level of experience working in this arena and are well versed in the correct approach. We also recognise and understand the time restraints that often govern projects such as these and worked in partnership with the client to ensure we met all of their deadlines.”

A representative from the client added: “This was a particularly large scale project that had to be completed within a fairly limited timeframe due to access and availability of the grounds. We worked collaboratively with John Sutch in terms of planning who supported us through the design and development phase.

“Once it came to delivering and implementing the strategy, everything came together incredibly well and the John Sutch team worked seamlessly with our team to ensure all agreed objectives were met.  This was a particularly successful project and we look forward to working with John Sutch again in the near future.”